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Phantom is a guild built upon a solid raiding core.  These like minded Gamers have a calling not only in the Flash Points and Operations that can be found throughout the galaxy. But also in any place where our hatred and malice can the wrought physically upon our enemies.  War zones and Open world PvP are our guilds second homes,  Domination is our identity.  Forged out of the betrayal of the republic and the ever pressing danger lurking in the shadows of the Flash Points.  One guild steps forward as a bastion against the tide.  A power not seen since the time of  the Titans has been awakened.  The call has gone out.  The warriors have assembled.   Sabers and Blasters held high, we ride to battle.  We Ride To Victory.
Who's side are YOU on?
Guild News

THB Clears Nightmare KP

Darresh, Feb 29, 12 10:10 PM.
Grats to Team HoneyBadger. We had to finish Karagga off on the second night, but we 2 shot him, so not too bad hehe. Great Job.

The Replacements

Kiralyn, Feb 28, 12 7:47 PM.
For an initial/learning operations, the replacements team did very well. We cleared EV in a very acceptable amount of time, and noone wanted to kill Kazio! Congratulations on all the loot guys, see you Thursday!

EV HM 8 man Follow-Up

Gmphantom, Jan 29, 12 4:33 AM.
Very well handled.  Good progression, solved the pillar bug.  Raize had some problems dpsing his council member.  Got to Soa 5 attempts, 2nd level max.
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